About Us

The Hereteach Alliance is a large network of schools across Herefordshire and beyond that is collaborating locally and nationally with one aim: to create exceptional education for the pupils in our schools.  We work with the support of the Department of Education, our Local Authority and a diverse group of schools, colleges and universites who are keen to work with all teachers, in all phases and settings, to develop an effective and sustainable school led system to benefit our pupils. 

The Hereteach Alliance has a variety of programmes in place.  These programmes are created and run by a diverse and experienced team of NLEs, Headteachers, SLEs, teachers and support staff.  By working collaboratively and drawing on their experience of what the job entails and the keys to success, they provide high levels of support and high quality training.  

Headteachers increasingly see the varied networks and programmes as a way of developing opportunities for their own staff while retaining their teachers’ expertise and experience within their own schools.  It is also a way of Headteachers accessing funding by running courses on their school site, promoting their teachers as SLEs or receiving bursaries from the Science Learning Partnership or the Mathshub.