MFL Network

The MFL (Modern Foreign Languages) network is a dynamic, teacher-led group who welcome collaboration and sharing to bring the most effective pedagogical practice to our classrooms.

At the most recent network meeting, teachers analysed results of the 2018 exam and shared strategies for dealing with the demands of the new exam.  At the next meeting in the Spring, there will be an opportunity to explore strategies to improve attainment for your pupils across the key stages.

Teachers and schools across Herefordshire host, lead or contribute to the MFL network.  Each subject network provides:

  • Free, accessible, locally driven subject specific CPD
  • Outstanding teaching, pupils’ learning and subject specific pedagogy
  • Targeted support for local needs of our teachers while addressing national developments and initiatives in teaching and education
  • Dissemination of shared ideas, experience and knowledge in a collaborative format
  • Creative opportunities for staff in all schools to lead initiatives

Please call us on 01568 770 323 for further details



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